Saturday, March 8, 2014

PostPartum Compression - Aggressive Waist Training

I've graduated from compression wear to aggressive waist training (aka Corset Training), since the compression gear I was previously using is now too big. The post below is from my website -

In honor of International Women's Day, I am continuing my posts on PostPartum Compression Wear. Today we will talk about Aggressive Waist Trainers. You may see them all over your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook timelines and wonder "how do they work?" 

This is not a new concept, and we've discussed it before on a previous article - modern designers have simply put a practical spin on things. Belly wraps were initially used for patients with back pain, and later for recovering liposuction patients. The compression helps to improve posture by increasing abdominal support. 
I have since shrunken out of my compression body suit and waist band, and graduated to an aggressive waist trainer. This trainer contains boning, like a corset (because it is one) and creates an hourglass shape by slowly shrinking the waistline. I chose the aggressive latex vest, because I can exercise in it and sweat out all the toxins absorbed throughout the day. 

Me Without the Vest - 34"

So far, my waist measures at 34" without the vest. With the vest on, it is already at 32" which means that in a few weeks my actual waist will shrink to that size. 

Excuse my mom's sewing room...

Typically, results are seen in 1-2 weeks - proper eating and hydration are crucial for optimal results. I will be packing light snacks for my days in the office, and drinking water throughout the day. My mom is even doing it! 
Totally undetectable under clothes...

Oh yeah, and it has helped dramatically with my back issues (I've been rear-ended twice in three years) by supporting my abs and improving my posture. Even without it on, I find myself pulling my abs in and sitting up straight.

Stay tuned for updates, and feel free to email me with any questions - :)  

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